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Everyday Greatness

Reader’s Digest
Published by Ruthledge Hill Press
RRP $29.95

This publication has a unique quality.  Packed with a wealth of inspirational and moving stories gathered from across the planet by Reader’s Digest, it provides readers with timeless wisdom and encouragement to live life to the fullest whatever their circumstances and challenges.

The contribution at the end of each chapter by Stephen R. Covey, an internationally respected authority on leadership, brings reflective insight and comment.

Covey challenges us in the introduction to the book to make three important choices daily: the choice to act – your energy; the choice of purpose – your destination; and the choice for principles – the means for attaining your goals.

There are seven chapters with headings such as “Searching for meaning”, “Taking Charge”, “Creating the Dream”. Under each of the seven headings are three sub-sections named by desirable character traits such as respect, vision, humility, gratitude, unity. It is under these headings that the marvelous and moving stories are placed.

Having read the stories in each section, Covey leaves readers with several questions on which to reflect.

While this is a special book for any individual, I can see its use as a group study resource.  Certainly it is not a book to read in a sitting or two, but can be put down and taken up at any time.

Everyday Greatness has 434 pages with an index for stories and quotes. I recommend this as a significant resource for public speakers and ministers.

Reviewed by Rev Barbara Bailey who lives in Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.