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Faith Enough to Finish

Monarch Books USA (2008)
RRP $21.95

This well-known author gives us another glimpse into her own spiritual journey, this time through the books of Lamentations and Jeremiah the prophet.

Sometimes called “the weeping prophet”, Ms Briscoe relates for us how Jeremiah’s words of faith help us to face tough times such as bereavement, retirement, redundancy or any other tragedy which strikes us in life.

She brings his words to us in a way that touches us right where we are in our walk, stressing that God is enough for any situation.

She lays bare her own doubts, discomforts and challenges through the 180 pages.

In 10 chapters with headings such as ‘Faith in God’s plan’, ‘Faith in God’s word’, and ‘Faith in God’s refreshment’, Ms Briscoe teaches us to appreciate the faith walk of Jeremiah’s indomitable scribe Baruch as well as the prophet himself.

She asks the question, “What gave them faith enough to finish against all odds?”

Ms Briscoe suggests we must begin by having faith enough to start, to realise our calling whatever our age or circumstances, but she also shows us how we can finish well.

Most of all, Faith Enough to Finish directs us to the hope that God gives us despite the challenges this twenty-first century throws at us.

Faith Enough to Finish is ideal for an individual but equally useful as a study guide for home groups and a competent discipling tool for churches.

At the end of each chapter are many suggestions for scripture reading, questions and prayer tools.

Written in an easy style, it has great depth and possibility for the reader to frequently “touch the hem of his garment”.

Reviewed by Barb Bailey, a retired minister living in Caloundra