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Faith on Film

IN July Hoyts Australia launched the new Faith on Film festival which has been screening in cinemas across Australia.

Hoyts Queensland Area Manager Roshon Georgas said that Faith on Film aims to bridge the gap in the market for the Christian film genre.

"Faith on Film brings powerful stories from around the world to the big screen, so that family and friends can enjoy them together.

"It inspires through the power of story.

"Faith on Film is about celebrating life".

Ms Georgas said that the challenge has been gaining exposure and recognition for this niche genre.

"We hope that many people come along to the festival and that through positive recommendation, many more do.

"We hope that the audience exits the cinema with a sense of hope for the future," she said.

The program for the Faith on Film festival is scheduled to run until the end of this year.

Some of the many Christian films that will be featured are Billy: The Early Years, The Holy Roller, Faith Like Potatoes (Director's Cut), Not a Fan and Th e Least Amongst Us.

First winner of our Faith on Film double-pass giveaways, David Pohlmann, lecturer at Christian Heritage College, was impressed by Armie Hammer's portrayal of Billy Graham in Billy: The Early Years.

"There were brief moments towards the end of the piece where you could quite imagine him as a young Billy.

"Stephanie Butler also put in a good performance as Ruth Bell Graham."

Mr Pohlmann added that the narrative could have benefited from a tighter structure, and noted that the film straddled a number of genres including biographical drama, docudrama and even romantic comedy.

To win a double pass to the Faith on Film screenings keep an eye out on the Uniting Church in Queensland Facebook page.