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Fine Lines: Unlocking the promise of truth to set us free

Wombat Books, 2011
RRP $16.95

Reviewed by Rev Anneli Sinkko, a retired Uniting Church minister on the Sunshine Coast.

As a retired minister I thought, why not review a book.

But, as I started to read Brisbane-based performer Aliki Flodine’s small masterpiece, I soon began to realise that this book was reviewing me!

On every page I was put under the divine microscope and I didn’t always like what was revealed of me.

The text exposed my own shortcomings and private sins and eventually led me to a closer, more intimate encounter with my Lord Jesus.

It is not a question should you read this book; the question is do you dare not read this book.

What a spiritual masterpiece!

With honest humour and true understanding of human frailty the author leads the reader to ascend the mountains we didn’t even know existed.

The past frustration of the author with her own spiritual journey helped me to deal with my own shortcomings and I am truly grateful that she wrote Fine Lines.

Some may say that the author is childish in her approach to the Scriptures and to the promises of God but her total honesty is refreshingly pure and true.

Highly recommended reading for all Christians and particularly those in the ministry.