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Flag of my Father (DVD)

Distributed by Heritage HM Home Entertainment

Reviewed by John Ruhle.

FLAG OF my Father is set in modern day America and centres on the wartime experiences, trauma and family relationships of Judith, an Iraq veteran.

Judith shares a close and unique relationship with her Vietnam veteran father and this, along with her father’s second marriage, creates a sense of envy and division between her and her half brothers.

Through a series of flash backs the story tells Judith’s war experience as well as provides the knowledge her brothers need to fully understand her and the relationship she had with her father.

A highlight of the film is the relationship and interaction between Judith and a fellow soldier who were captured while in Iraq.
Watching Christian films is always a bit hard because you almost expect the budget to be less, the cinematography to be below par with Hollywood blockbusters and the acting to not be Academy Award standard.

While this is true with this film the one redeeming factor is that the acting was well done and believable.

The Christian content in the film felt forced and the film was very American and my guess is that it would be really well received in American evangelical circles.

Having said that it was strong on emotion and it made for relatively entertaining viewing.