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Fools, Liars, Cheaters and Other Bible Heroes

Franciscan Media, 2012

RRP $23.95

Reviewed by Wendy Scott.

Fools, Liars, Cheaters and Other Bible Heroes is a set of 28 studies, each dealing with the life, background and actions of one of the very flawed personalities God chose to do his will. Some of the chapter headings say much about this book’s approach:

· Rebecca: Beautiful Bride to Manipulative Mother.

· Rahab: Liar, Gentile and Prostitute

· Naaman: Arrogant Conqueror

· Nathanael: Outspoken Sceptic, but Sincere Believer

This quote from the introduction says it best: "[T]he story of the Bible is our story, the human story of flawed people grappling with God, responding to his love and searching for him in the providence of our daily lives."

This is not a book for skim reading.

Every word was a joy, and each section is sensitively written, not condemning the characters for their human weaknesses, but illustrating how God uses flawed humans like us to do his divine work. It is an encouragement.

This book could be read on the bus or train each day as a morning focus, used for Bible study, or read just for personal interest.

At the end of each of the sections there are 3-5 points to ponder or discuss with a group.

While it is expensive for a group study book, it has 28 studies, so the relative cost per session is the same.

Alternatively, buy one for the church bookshelf for sharing.

Fools, Liars, Cheaters and Other Bible Heroes is clearly set out, easy to read and understand, but do not let that fool you into thinking it is light-weight. It gets you thinking at a greater depth because it is neither pompous nor dogmatic.

It sneaks up on you whilst you are smiling.