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Footprints on Our Hearts (DVD)

Paraclete Press,


RRP $76.95

Reviewed by Wendy Scott.

TEARY eyes are par for the course with this very powerful DVD.

There are two sessions.

The first is one hour of "Footprints on our Hearts", which is a series of interviews on directed topics with parents who have miscarried or had still births.

Each gives their personal views on set topics, and offers very powerful insights into different ways of grieving, and what helps with it and what doesn't.

The half-hour session "At a Loss for Words" uses the same very effective style deployed in television's "Grumpy Old Men/Women" to show how to really help those who are grieving.

The DVD comes with a workbook for guided discussions before, after or during viewing.

Footprints on Our Hearts would be a very powerful tool for ministers, families who have recently lost a child, and grief recovery groups.

The price of $76.95 is average for a DVD of this style.

I would definitely recommend "Footprints on Our Hearts" to each church for general borrowing from their library.