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For All You’ve Done

DVD/CD Pack $44.95

For All You’ve Done, the annual live worship album from Hillsong Church was recorded live at The Sydney Entertainment Centre in February 2004. Darlene Zschech leads the Hillsong team, together with an overwhelming choir of over 500 voices.

On listening to For All You’ve Done I say, “Worship has evolved”.

I say it with a new found respect for the work of the Hillsong worship team who have captured an emotionally balanced recording with a touch of the ethereal.

Track 3 titled “Evermore” is similar in sound to the guitar of modern U2 tracks, yet sounds individual in its own right and musically is impressive.  Disc 1 starts out at an average pace but by track 5 “Sing your love”, you begin to be captured by the depth and intimacy of their worship of God followed by track 6 “Hallelujah”.

Disc 2: Once passed the sound of the crowd, the opening track ‘Forever and a day’ is an eye opener musically due to the upbeat vocal and instrumental performance.  The lyrical highlight would be track 4, disc 2, titled ‘Take all of me” which gives an intelligent description of Gods power.

Although this album is devoted to our Saviour it may take a while for the insightful listener to relate to the connection with God.

Available now on both double CD and DVD, For All You’ve Done includes behind-the-scenes footage, music video, subtitles in multiple languages, a multi-angle presentation and the usual stuff.

I give For All You’ve Done 3½ hands in the air!