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Forget the Former

Forget the Former
By Leigh Allison
ISBN 1-58169-175-0
Gazelle Press
RRP $17.95

Forget the Former by Leigh Allison is about one woman’s journey through mental illness to spiritual wholeness. It is only 78 pages long, with a useful appendix of helpful scripture extracts and explanations taking another 20 pages.

It is for people who work by ‘dreaming dreams and seeing visions’, and uses the Bible as a guide through a step-by-step dream sequence of a courtroom struggle between Evil, acting as Prosecutor, and Christ, the Defence Counsel.

The ‘accused’ is the woman seeking to leave her past negativity and move to a positive view of life, with Jesus as her guide.

The judge carefully looks at both arguments before pronouncing judgement. Each quite short chapter is another step forward and concludes with a well-chosen and relevant Bible passage. In keeping with the dream theme, the language is quite lyrical.

In fact it is a variantion of the psychologist’s Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. For people who need the constant re-enforcement of assurance of God’s forgiveness, the Bible references and the way they are illustrated make helpful pictures, which could be comforting guides.

Mental illnesses are still often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, and many people suffer because no-one acknowledges their need for professional help.

This woman did seek help and, after much trauma, was finally led to this biblical understanding of a way to put the past behind her and move forward in the love of God. It is, however, a continuing struggle.  She felt moved to share her experiences of accepting the offer of salvation with others who are experiencing despair.

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