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By Mick Sykes

Boom Box Records, 2008

Reviewed by Tara Burton, community liaison officer at Journey.

You may have heard some of Mick Sykes music on the popular Christian radio station 96five.

There is no doubt that Mick Sykes has a subtlety powerful voice.

His album Forgiven consists of twelve songs that have teachings of worship, love and devotion.

The lyrics are relatable and encapsulate the feelings of a Christian who values their faith.

For example in the title track Forgiven, a snippet of the lyrics are “crying tears of shame, when the open arms of love can carry all of my pain- I’m forgiven”.

I found these lyrics and the vocals that accompanied them it to be emotional and sung from the heart.

However, many of the songs on the album also left me feeling underwhelmed.

The melody and composition was fairly uninteresting and I yearned for something a little more thought provoking.

All in all, if you want to listen to music to ease the mind and you don’t want something that is too intellectually stimulating then you’ll really enjoy Mark Sykes’ Forgiven.