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George W Bush – Faith in the White House

DVD Divine Entertainment Release
Rated G
RRP  $24.95

Being somewhat of a cynic by nature, I was somewhat apprehensive about reviewing a DVD such as “George W. Bush: Faith in the White House”. A little to my surprise, it was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated.

While the production could not be considered balanced, it did provide insights into the US President’s life, and more particularly his life of faith in Jesus Christ that are normally only skimmed by the popular press. However, it was disappointing that the producers did not give stories or interviews with those who are critical of George W. Bush’s expressed approach to governing, or to those who may find his actions to be inconsistent with the approach he proclaims. They even went so far as to provide negative comments only through the use of voice-overs in sinister tones.

The stories given were heartwarming and, at times, inspiring, but the lack of balance undermined the credibility of the initial claim of ‘independence’ and left me with sufficient cause to maintain my cynicism in the midst of some evidence that might alter my view.

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