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Gittins’ Gospel: The Economics of Just About Everything

Allen & Unwin 2012
RRP $26.99

Reviewed by David Weddell.

Gittins' Gospel: Religious book or not?

On first glance, the cover picture of an older man in priestly clothes would suggest this is book belongs in Christian bookstores.

On second glance, the subtitle, "The economics of just about everything" and the back cover information that Gittins is an economics journalist would suggest the book is more mainstream.

Having read this 'Gospel', it's a 50/50 call. The subject matter is certainly in the secular arena—interest rates, budgets, gross domestic product and the global financial crisis; but Gittins, the son of a Salvation Army preacher, also brings his own worldview to the topic.

Christian stewardship teaches that if faith affects our heart, it also affects our wallet. Economics talks of individuals making transactions in order to increase fulfilment. Both are saying that our economics reflects the nature of our heart.

This collection of columns from Gittins includes writings that cover a variety of subjects such as the 'sanctification' of selfishness, what really satisfies and motivates us in the workplace, our efforts in caring for creation, why we really like holidays, and why 'cost of living' is what we complain about when there is nothing to complain about.

It's a good read for anyone interested in ethical or moral economics.