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Going to work with God

Going to work with God: Eight flexible study guides for use at, after, or outside work.
By Robert and Linda Banks
Bible Society
RRP: $5.95

At a time when many working Christians are being asked to commit more time to church activities and mission initiatives, it is good to be reminded that our “secular” work is also at the very heart of God’s purposes today.

Robert Banks is one of Australia’s foremost writers in the field of the theology of work. He has joined with Linda Banks, a Christian Educator and Baptist Pastor, to develop a Bible study series Going to Work with God designed to be used by small groups.

This cluster of eight studies, the first of several projected small volumes in the Bible@Work series, invites participants to wrestle with a range of issues relating to work from a biblical perspective.

Drawing on a wide range of biblical passages and with questions designed to evoke open-ended conversation, these studies explore such areas as: biblical understandings of the place of work in life; the nature of God’s ongoing daily work in the world; looking at work from a divine perspective; turning work into mission; and balancing work, rest and other responsibilities.

In addition to plumbing the depths of the biblical material on work, the studies also seek to explore the complexities of modern work and workplaces. The authors believe that it is only when these two intersect that we will be able to fully integrate God’s perspective into our daily lives.

Not a study for people who want to be spoon fed. Excellent if you’re willing to work as hard with the scriptures as you do in your workplace.