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Good Night God Bless (Volume 1)

Paratus Press
RRP: $29.95

Good Night God Bless is a refreshing volume that gives an insight into accommodation options in Austria, the Czeck Republic and Italy.

Written by Trish Clark who was schooled in Toowoomba, the reader is taken on an unusual journey into convents, abbeys and monasteries that have been opened their doors to become religious hideaways for the weary traveller.

This is a welcome variation to the more usual travel guide, and would suit the pilgrim, the tourist or those looking for a quiet retreat. Open Houses are available to the tourist while a different style of accommodation is offered to those seeking spiritual renewal.

You could sleep in a bishop’s bedchamber or discover hidden art treasures!

Set with the fascinating backdrop of history, following the travel tips in Good Night God Bless will give the traveller a unique experience with the possibility of discovering spiritual treasures in the context of comfortable accommodation.

Offering 5 star to country comfort, a bustling city or a delightful rural spot, some monasteries will have a curfew while others will not accept credit cards.

The author has listed what you need to know. For example if you turn to Vienna you will see that Sehotten Abbey is a choice, places of interest are recommended plus a guide to food and drinks in the area.

Language may be a challenge at times but there are ways to overcome this barrier. Many monasteries are working farms so you may be able to help with vegetable gardens or wine making.

The cover of this volume is first class and that quality is continued throughout with maps and illustrations.

Good Night God Bless is a delightful read for the intending traveller or those who ponder Europe in the arm-chair. Its 236 pages also give addresses and phone numbers, plus an index. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Barb Bailey.