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Green Australia: A Snapshot

Wakefield Press,


RRP $34.95

Reviewed by Wendy Scott.

This 330-page large-format paperback shows the depth of its research by the final 60 pages comprising just the references!

The book covers in a logical manner the various methods of reducing one's carbon footprint.

Each chapter tells how individuals have minimised waste and maximised natural power and cleaning methods, made dietary changes, recycled clothing and become savvy shoppers.

Using the book, I analysed how my family are doing.

We get a tick for having solar power and hot water, insulation, shady trees, growing some of our veggies, and using breeze cooling and heavy curtains.

But we get crosses for having a house of real brick not straw ones, owning cars (instead of using non-existent public transport for visiting family) and choosing cats for pets rather than chickens.

The book also promotes microfibre cleaning cloths and recycled clothing, and gift shops such as Refreshed at the Kenmore Uniting Church as a responsible action.

The book is also fun.

One copy per church would be enough to share.