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Heaven in your Handbag

Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd
RRP: $24.95 

A whole new take on the Christian devotional, Heaven in Your Handbag is divided into four Chapters: You, Love, Work, and Friendships.

Full of passion for God it is primarily a devotional to help young women understand how God can and should be the firm centre of their lives, no mater what!

Peppered with Biblical quotes from the New International Version this books gives a real insight into an upfront and personal relationship with God by a young Ugandan woman who is as much at home in London as she is with her family in Uganda.

Mazzi hopes the message is as essential as the bag you take with you as you leave the house in the morning.

She describes how God has helped her through a broken relationship, how to deal with the ‘why are you not married?’ awkward questions and how to feel at peace with her situation. She knows God is always there with you even on your ‘not so hot date’ and parallels these moments with those of the Israelites as they journeyed to the Promised Land.

Mazzi reminds us that, like the Israelites, God is with us on our journey.

She gives encouragement too in our working life whether we are in our dream job or just dreaming of being in a job! God has a plan for each one of us.

She refers to Paul as ‘perhaps the greatest Evangelist that ever lived’ but reminds us that, he too ‘had an interim job persecuting Christians’ before God called him to his life’s work.

Heaven in your Handbag is slim enough to travel everywhere with you and unlike our choice of handbags for day, evening and weekends, God’s Word never goes out of style!

Reviewed by Pamela Weymouth, a member of St Davids Uniting Church at Coopers Plains