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Helping Parents Grieve after finding new life after the death of a child (DVD)

Paraclete Press, 2011

RRP $85.95

HELPING Parents Grieve is a DVD based around the experiences of a number of families who have had a child pass away.

Each family has a different story ranging from children tragically killed in accidents to children who were born with terminal illnesses.

Through hearing these stories the DVD explores the following topics, knowing you are not alone, dealing with the loss of hopes and dreams, grieving the death of a baby, the family's grief journey and honouring and remembering your child.

The DVD will be worthwhile for people who have experienced a similar loss and who will be encouraged by hearing the stories of others. It is also a valuable resource for those who provide support and care to parents who are grieving the loss of a child.

I struggled a little with the American style of the DVD and the 'voice over' that narrated throughout the DVD.

Even though it is a new DVD somehow it felt 'dated'.

Having never lost a child I am not sure if the DVD is that helpful or not.

It would be interesting to have the DVD reviewed by people who have lost a child to see their response.

As someone who deals with families who lose a child I found the DVD helpful in opening my eyes to some of the experiences and thought processes that families work through as they are faced with the loss of their child.

Finally, I am not sure why the DVD is so expensive?

There are no support materials or websites to help value add to the DVD so it is difficult to see why the DVD is at the steep price of $85.95.