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I Can Make Angel Things for Christmas

Lion Hudson
RRP: $14.95

I Can Make Angel Things for Christmas provides 16 different ideas to satisfy those creative urges that might overtake the children in the lead up to Christmas – as well as give parents some inspiration for keeping them gainfully occupied once the holidays start.

The ideas include decorations for tree and table, costumes, greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, gift boxes as well as a couple of edible projects.

Each task is described in step-by-step instructions which are complemented by clear illustrations. A lot of the tasks could well be completed by middle to upper-primary aged children with little or no parental involvement while younger ones should enjoy working alongside an adult to create their masterpieces.

The materials required for these crafts would be readily obtainable at your local discount store if not already at hand. The author often introduces each project with a brief reference to the Nativity story and the significance of the item being created.

Not all the ideas given are actually “Angel” things as the title implies but there is generally a connecting thread that links them to the theme.

There was one activity that this adult found a little challenging (an origami type exercise) but the remainder were quite straightforward.

I Can Make Angel Things for Christmas could be handy for Kids Club leaders, Sunday School teachers and the like as well as in the home.

Reviewed by Lynn Miller