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I Can Say Don’t

I Can Say “Don’t”
By Chris Parker
Harvest Christian Products
RRP $14.95.

Sadly one in four girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused this year. In 93% of the cases the child already knows and trusts the offender. I Can Say Don’t plays a vital role to help keep our children safe.

In a child friendly way Ms Parker makes it clear to children that they are very special to their Creator and he wants them to feel safe. Ms Parker helps children understand that their private parts are covered by their togs.

This is important as it defines for children what their private parts are. She clearly states that both people children already know and people they don’t know may want to touch their private parts. She explores what the perpetrator might say to help keep it a ‘secret’.

The book helps children identify who they would tell if someone is touching them inappropriately and helps children understand they can say, “Don’t!”

Ms Parker’s book provides useful ideas for parents, ministers, youth workers and all members of a congregation to help children protect themselves. By the church using this resource, it enables us to be proactive rather than reactive. I encourage all congregations to purchase a copy and read it to the children in their care.