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“If you think my preaching is bad, try my jokes.”

Published by, Monarch Books.
R. R. P. $9.95.
“Humour serves so many good purposes,” so says a line in the introduction to David Pytches collection of quips, quotes and jokes. The title alone is catchy and worth a laugh. No doubt many Ministers, Pastors and Local Preachers will have at least one book in their library that helps them to illustrate their sermons with quips, quotes or jokes. There are other books of this type in Christian bookstores, but here is one that will make a good addition to your collection where you will be assured of some more laughs to lighten up any sermon, message or lecture, bad or otherwise.
This is by no means a serious theological book but it is very readable and will help the reader and listener to enjoy the humour of subjects as diverse as politics, marriage, funerals and money. If you are looking for a one liner to introduce a talk, a joke to fill in a gap in your sermon, or a quote to conclude your message you will definitely find something to suit the occasion in this book.
Whether you preach on a regular basis or are called on just occasionally you will find some good material in this book that will help you become more popular and ensure you will get invited to speak again. If David Pytches as an Anglican Bishop can get away with using this material during his bad preaching, so can you. On page 156 you will find these few words, “Our Vicar left three Months ago, so we gave him a little momentum from the Parish.” You will definitely get “a little momentum” for your preaching from this little book.

Reviewed by Ken Ebenezer