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Imagine We Were

Wombat Books


Reviewed by Wendy Scott, Uniting Church Kenmore elder.

THE scene is set in Imagine We Were by the dedication in the front of the book by Renee to her parents, thanking them for making their children feel special.

This lovely hardcover book is simply but beautifully illustrated throughout.

Each set of four pages has a different theme on why you, the reader, are special:

Imagine we were bees and you were my baby

zzz zzz zzz

We'd buzz round the cat while it lazed on the mat and I'd whisper, "You are precious to me".

The themes tell the child that she or he is clever, special, gorgeous, brilliant and lovely and finish with a cuddle.

My grandson and I will enjoy it as much as any parents and grandparents with children aged to about 6.

A superb book – and it's Australian, too!

What more can you ask.