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In Your Shoes: Inter-Faith Education for Australian Religious Educators

By Kath Engebretson

Connorcourt, 2009, RRP $29.95

Reviewed by Aaron Ghiloni, Education Coordinator of the Moreton Rivers Presbytery.

If ecumenicity was the major issue facing Australian Christians in the 1960s and 70s, inter-faith relationships is the big issue now. No longer can it be blithely assumed that “religion” is Christian religion or that “faith” means Christian faith.

In Your Shoes author Ms Engebretson makes a unique contribution to the growing inter-faith literature by placing her primary focus on interreligious education rather than on interreligious dialogue.

While reciprocal dialogue is the “hoped for end” of inter-faith encounters, an inter-faith education is required before this can occur.

A pedagogical foundation makes true and transformative conversation possible.

Using a balanced range of theoretical models and practical examples, the book provides sound guidance for educators of sundry religions.

Theoretical models are dominated by phenomenology, which can be either a strength or a weakness depending on the learning aims.

Practical examples are intended for formal educational contexts, which will be useful to those teaching in schools but less relevant to those ministering in non-formal learning settings such as congregations.