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Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia

The Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, 2008
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In just 39 pages, Andrew Dutney offers an easy-to-read, insightful look at the Uniting Church, in the style that many of us have appreciated since his Manifesto for renewal in 1986 and Where did the joy come from?
Mr Dutney gives us a look at the history behind this denomination and into the unity-in-mission vision which caught those who saw what God was doing among them.
This book also gives some great insights into the times leading up to the UCA’s inauguration in 1977.
There are some great parts which give flesh to words on meanings that may not have always been clear but which lie at the heart of who we are: “Catholic”, “Reformed and Evangelical”, “Ecumenical and Missional” and more, much more.
Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia is, of course, immersed in The Basis of Union – our faith statement which brought us together out of three denominations in 1977, and which continues to be our ‘manifesto for renewal’ as we journey into the future.
In such a short book, there is an impressive amount of thought-provoking information included, from the Word of God in Jesus Christ to the Faith of the Church, from the ministry of the whole people of God to the nourishing role of the Sacraments, and from the way the UCA is called to organise its life in response to the Gospel to a reflection on the Uniting Church emblem.
All of this information is explained with a rich theological depth which many people tell me they’re seeking.
Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia is a great book to put in these people’s hands.
I know it will give them more than they thought, and it will enrich them.
If you could do with a refresher yourself, this is also just the book for you.
The opening chapter called “What were they thinking?” takes us back to when people were addressing questions which came with church union possibilities.
The closing chapter asks us “What are you thinking?” and includes a range of questions for personal reflection and group discussion: for you, for me, for today, and for tomorrow.
Most significantly, Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia is all about mission.
It calls us to be all about mission in our worship, witness and service: a pilgrim people of God.
Reviewed by Rev Don Whebell, former Moderator of the Queensland Synod