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Issi’s Baptism

Even Before Publishing, RRP $5.95

Reviewed by Matt Gees.

The latest offering from Paul Clark's Car Park Parables takes the reader on a short and succinct journey into the sacrament of baptism.

Paul's car characters talk about how a little person had come to their church in a white gown, and Old Mr T explains to the cars the concept of baptism.

One of the cars comes to realise, after a number of mistakes, that they are important to God and want to make a change in their behaviour.

One of the things I really like about the Car Park Parables is the simplicity.

Not just the fact that it is simple to read to kids, but that the concepts help parents (even those who have been part of the church a long time) explain aspects of the faith to even very young children.

Both my two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter sat still to listen to this story, and I was even able to re-read a page of the book to easily explain to my daughter what baptism was without the trappings of "jargon".

Despite the reference to infant baptism; the progression of the story and the explanation of baptism make this easily non-denominational and perfect for little ears and young questioning minds.