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Jade and El-Sea

Wombat Books,
RRP $18.95

Reviewed by Barb Bailey.

Rarely would you find a witty fictitious story based on ecological and environmental issues published by a Queensland business and supported by the Queensland Government and a local council.

Well, Jade and El-Sea is such a find.

The target audience is secondary school students but my belief is that upper primary would also revel in the mystery and fantasy.

As you enter a world of penguins, dragons, mountains of fire and Masters of the Deep you will embrace a story embellished with wit and humour.

Jade, son of the Guardian of the Mountain of Fire prefers to sleep rather than defend himself or anyone else against evil and dark forces that threaten the Great Southern Ice Flow.

Silver Point, Lake Desolation and Weddell Sea all see action as the creatures strive to save the world from environmental destruction.

While the subject addressed is serious, the presentation is whimsical and sensitive offering the young readers plenty of discovery and action.

J. W. Dickinson has offered a significant path to understanding and tackling current issues concerning the environmental sciences and therefore each one of us.

Could we conceive a film based on this story?

Highly recommended.