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Joy in Disguise: Meeting Jesus in the dark times

Morehouse Publishing, 2009
RRP $39.95

Reviewed by Rev Anneli Sinkko, a retired Uniting Church minister

Joy in Disguise came to me as a ‘lucky dip’ which I randomly selected from the UC Information list.
I actually wanted to review a book on theology because I am not too fond of devotional books.
Little did I know that this book was more than theology, more than devotion, more than meditation – it is all of it – and more.
How could I describe this treasure in disguise!
For me it is a meditative study for serious everyday scholars on Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. I was surprised by the joy it gave me.
The text of Paul’s letter is given scholarly interpretation mingled with love and the author leads the reader through tricky Greek words without belittling the inadequacies of the reader.
Joy in Disguise is garnished with personal memories from author’s extensive pastoral ministry and it must be said that anybody who is serious of their preaching the Word should take note: all the stories narrated give light to the point the author wants to make.
Reading this book is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would recommend it – joyfully.