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Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)

Directed by Christian Carion
2005 Rated M

This incredible true story is set in 1914 on Christmas Eve as World War One is raging in Northern France with enemy troops dug into trenches just metres away from each other

As the Scots play their bagpipes, Germans tenor Nikolaus Sprink climbs out of the trenches and sings carols for his enemies.

The courageous gesture leads the soldiers to put down their weapons and call a truce.

The no-man’s-land between the trenches becomes the common ground where the men share games, songs, chocolate and wine, and help each other bury the dead.

Not a usual war story, Joyeux Noel is the account of a group of human beings who see past their differences for one night and allow their enemies to shelter in their trenches from deadly air strikes.

Joyeux Noel lays bare the devastation of war and dares to ask why nations can’t resolve their conflicts without killing?

Journey can only offer high praise for this remarkable story with its simple message of incredible acts of kindness and humanity offered in the true spirit of Christmas.