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Leaders Who Last: Sustaining yourself and your ministry

Seabury Books (New York)
2009, RRP $39.95

Reviewed by Peter Harvey, Rural Ministry Associate Presbytery of WA.

MARGARET Marcuson has provided pastors with a practical, powerful guide to living out their ministry as leaders in such a way that their leadership itself becomes a ministry.

In each chapter she highlights ways to think and act as a leader that result in greater health, clearer direction and deeper satisfaction in ministry.

I loved Leaders Who Last.

It was short and packed full of information.

It does come from a systems perspective, but this helps ministry leaders deal with congregational anxiety within a church.

The chapters are excellent with the topics ranging from knowing the story of the congregation to knowing your own story.

It deals with the issues of money, triangles, leadership, and purpose.

I would highly recommend it to all ministry leaders.

The ideas are all deep, such as can you continue to move forward with criticism and can you give people space?

There is an excellent chapter on how anxiety affects giving in the congregation and by using personal examples Ms Marcuson demonstrates how the leadership principles she identifies actually work in the complex world of pastoral ministry.

She does not offer simple solutions.

Rather she provides guidance to leaders whose path can often seem steep and fraught with obstacles.

Leaders Who Last will add to your ministry and your life as you deal with all the problems that arise in a church.

This is true spiritual food.