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Led by the Spirit: Lenten Studies in Gospel Year C

MediaCom Education,

2012, RRP $9.00

Reviewed by Karyl Davison.

LOOKING for a good Bible study for Lent 2013 at a price you can afford?

Led by the Spirit is a six-session study on the Gospel according to Luke by UCA theologian and educator Robert Bos.

The study sessions are preceded by an excellent introduction which highlights the key features of Luke’s gospel as well as a little guidance on using the studies.

Each session has a short introduction, an opening prayer, a contemporary story followed by commentary on the text for that session.

This is followed by a few questions and a closing meditation.

The final section of each session provides additional information or questions for reflection.

Led by the Spirit is ideal for congregational study, small groups or personal study and reflection.

It will take participants more deeply into the person and work of Jesus, particularly as seen through the Gospel of Luke, and it will help us understand some of the issues faced by the early Christian community.