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Life as we know it

Village Roadshow Pictures, 2010
Rated M

Reviewed by Tara Burton who is the community liaison officer for Journey.

Holly (Katherine Heigl) is an uptight, single woman who owns a small bakery in Atlanta. Messer (Josh Duhamel) is an easy going ladies man with no care in the world.

On the surface it appears as if they are complete opposites. However, one aspect of their lives unites them both – their best friends. After a very unsuccessful blind date, the two begin a love/hate relationship.

A tragic accident involving their two best friends leaves Holly and Messer as the legal guardians for an orphaned one-year-old; Sophie.

An unlikely couple, who pretend that they hate each other, now have to work together to care for a small, demanding little girl.

In the midst of Holly and Messer wanting to follow their career paths, it seems as if Sophie becomes a bit of a burden for them both.

What follows is a whirlwind of ups and downs for the couple and for Sophie.

They struggle to ease into parenthood and living together creates tension.

The movie explores such themes as conflict resolution, raising a child and unexpected love.

There is no doubt that this is a romantic film, but what did take me by surprise was the humours underlay.

Sophie’s character (who is played by gorgeous little triplets), was a great addition to the film and Sophie had the audience in fits of laughter.

Overall, a traditional boy meets girl romantic comedy, that I (a romantic at heart) thoroughly enjoyed.

If you like romantic films then you will love (no pun intended) Life as we know it.

Life as we know it is showing in cinemas now.