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Life Swap: Finding the life you always wanted

By Krish Kandiah,

Monarch Books U.K., 2008,

RRP $16.95

Reviewed by Con Graves who, after a fast-paced corporate lifestyle, switched to a life of voluntary simplicity aimed at reducing his impact on the earth and reducing stress in his own life and the lives of those around him. He worships at Newlife Uniting Church on the Gold Coast.

LIFE SWAP introduces the reader to some alternate ways of viewing life through the message of Christ and his ministry.

The author refl ects on seven people re-examining or reevaluating their existence and calling into question how their life choices led them to the point they find themselves at.

Each chapter begins with a window into the life of the character being challenged.

Whether it is Alfred Nobel, who had the opportunity to read his own public obituary through a mistaken identity, or a young woman living her life in an online fantasy, each character is thrown into questioning their choices.

Each person is then compared with a character in the Bible facing the same philosophical struggles or questions and how
their questions and exposure to Jesus helped them positively resolve their choice.

The chapter concludes with a “Lifeswap – aftermath” where the threads are drawn together to shine a light of understanding.

This book would be most useful to those wrestling with their life direction or challenging the choices they have made.

Life Swap provides good connection with scriptures and the positive example of Christ’s life which may help and guide thinking.

Life Swap is written in a light and easily readable style, with many examples of scripture and quotable quotes.

It could benefit from a deeper reflection on the characters’ dilemmas, but overall a very readable book.