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Little Good Wolf

Wombat Books (Capalaba),

Reveiwed by Barbara Bailey.

Little Good Wolf, printed in Queensland by Wombat Books, summons children to recall much loved nursery rhymes as the text introduces their favourite characters in a totally new story about the consequences of the relationship between Big Bad Wolf and his son Little Good Wolf. 

Like many children today, Little Good Wolf hated school and was finding difficulty in finding friends and being accepted.

Dad's image as a bad wolf had to be changed so this hilarious story culminates in Dad getting a new job and Little Good Wolf finally finding his identity and therefore acceptance and friends. 

The author, Aleesah Darlison, has written many children's picture books and novels.

Shannon Melville has delightful black and white illustrations throughout this publication's 58 pages and a bright cheerful coloured cover. 

This story will appeal to all young children but would be particularly appropriate for young readers as it has clear large print. 

The message the fairy tale characters bring will help children struggling with similar issues to Little Good Wolf. 

Highly recommended.