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Living by Grace – Moments of grace for every day of the year

Canterbury Press, Norwich , in association with Cairns Publications
RRP: $34.95

This is one of those types of books that you cannot read all at once or even over a number of days – unless you are thinking of 365 days! For this is an anthology with a quotation for every day of the year.

The selected quotes come from literature, poetry, and noted spiritual writers of the world on the theme of grace. There are writings from Paul, Henri Nouwen, The Budda, Teresa of Calcutta, the Gospels, Vincent van Gough, Fyodr Dostoevsky, Emily Dickenson, William Shakespeare, and a Sufi Mystic, just to name a few! Each month has a different emphasis on grace eg. grace and suffering; the grace of forgiving; the grace of praying.

There are so many deep and meaningful quotes in this book – pages and pages of them – that require a day to ponder them; you just can’t read this in big chunks.

In writing this review (obviously I didn’t have a year to write it!) I tried to read quote after quote but found I could only get to four or five and then had to stop to allow time to take them in.

Obviously, quotes taken out of their context can develop their own life and may be interpreted differently to their original and intended meaning – but I sense there is a carefulness in this book in the compilation and choosing of the quotes, and a respect for the contexts from which they came. The quotes are referenced and acknowledged at the end of the book (to the best of the author’s ability).

Both authors show a love for humanity and a strong desire for peace and grace amongst all God’s people.

As a lover of quotes that stand out as beacons on their own, I am going to continue enjoying “dipping into” this book on a daily basis!

Reviewed by Mel Perkins a Minister Intern with the Uniting Church in Queensland