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Living the Questions 2.0

Video and internet-based small group resource, 
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Reviewed by Peter Robinson.

ONE OF the challenges for church lay people is to update knowledge and ideas in response to new information and insights.

In the words of a senior minister, ‘the church has failed its lay people badly by not helping adults develop beyond a childhood Sunday School frame of reference’.

People’s reaction when it’s realised that scholars are saying and thinking things that make better sense of the Christian message than what they themselves may have been brought up to believe, seem to be frustration and anger at not having been told sooner.

We need to be far more intentional in these efforts.

One of the more successful attempts has been the popular small group study, Living the Questions.

Modelled broadly on the Alpha program, it incorporates contemporary biblical scholarship.

The DVD and guided discussion based series, 21 studies in all, may be handled as individual topics or as a series.

It includes DVD clips with many of today’s leading Christian thinkers.

Segments do vary in audio and visual production quality at times, but the accompanying workbook helps.

It is ideal for individuals and groups who wish to explore beyond the rote traditions and theologies to what a meaningful faith can look like in today’s world.

What is needed is a ‘safe’ environment, where individuals feel they can ask the questions they’ve always wanted to, but
never had the opportunity.

A good facilitator (and listener) open to people’s experiences and ideas is also a plus.

I had heard so many good things about the series, from individuals and groups in other churches and congregations.

Having now participated,
I can recommend it as a way of connecting with what contemporary scholars are saying and thinking, and rediscovering
the significance and relevance of Christianity in today’s world.

It has given me new understanding and helped me grow.

If you have ever felt alone, in being a ‘thinking’ Christian, maybe this series will be helpful.