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Love One Another: The Wedding Collection

World Library Publications, 2010
Reviewed by Karyl Davison.

THIS music CD is a collection of 27 songs performed by a wide variety of performers.

The majority of the songs included are recent compositions although you will recognise a couple of more traditional hymn tunes.

As someone who has conducted the majority of weddings for couples with only loose links to the Christian church, I was hoping for a collection of music suitable for weddings generally.

This CD does not meet that expectation.

The lyrics in the majority of pieces are the sort you would expect to hear in Christian worship and would, therefore, only be suited to the weddings of committed Christians.

For example, there is a new version of A New Commandment. Others includeSet Your Heart on the Higher Gifts; The Lord is Kind and Merciful and Holy Family.

A worthy project that has missed the mark for me.