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Love Your Life

Simon and Schuster
RRP $29.95

The title of this book captures the author’s message well.

Victoria Osteen is a mother of two and co-pastor of Lakewood Church (USA) with her husband Joel Osteen, himself a best-selling author.

Through her personal experiences, she outlines ways to encourage us all to reach our full potential and enjoy life as a bonus.

She does this by sharing her journey of faith and the life lessons she has learned along the way.

Love Your Life is about discovering the greatness that’s inside of you and the influence you have on the world around you.’

Using Bible teachings as a reference, Osteen focuses on how to encourage others, make the most of what you have, live with confidence, keep the right perspective, overcome offences, enjoy rich relationships, how to receive love and how to discover what others need.

She relates stories of people she has met who have accomplished their dreams by overcoming their fears and advocates that ‘ in the midst of all the hustle and busyness of life, you can find fulfilment and achieve happiness’.

At the end of each chapter, Osteen summarises her ‘anchor thoughts’ in the form of a series of affirmations. I find this helps the reader to consolidate the message.

In Love your Life, Osteen shows us how to find a balance in all segments of our busy lives and to take the ‘God option’ to be a positive influence on the world around us.

Love your Life is written in an easy to read style and, although some may see this initially as just another self-help book, it is written from the heart and should appeal to both men and women.

Touches of humour throughout the book make it even more readable.

Reviewed by Anne Saxby