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Loving Creation: Christian Spirituality, Earth-Centered and Just

By Kathleen Fischer,

Paulist Press, 2009, RRP $29.95

Reviewed by John Ruhle.

IN AN EASY to read manner the author seeks to entwine the spiritual practices of prayer, lectio divina, contemplation and asceticism, amongst others, with an ecological, earthy awareness.

Ms Fischer belongs to the Catholic tradition and the language and examples within the book come from this perspective.

Starting with the persons, nature and relationships of the Trinity a model is presented of how the world is created and how we are to live in relationship and harmony as people and creation just as the three persons of the Trinity are in relationship.

A further image of the ‘body’ found in Corinthians is used to help suggest that all of creation is ‘the body’ and as the head cannot say, “I don’t need you” to the eye so the ants cannot say to the echidna, “I don’t need you”.

Similarly humans cannot say to creation, “I don’t need you” because all of creation is connected and needed.

Loving Creation is helpful in developing a theological rational for caring for creation and also for providing practical spiritual disciplines that will lead us further into a life of loving creation.