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Many Members yet One Body

Many Members yet One Body
by Craig Nessan
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The sexuality “debate” in our church has at times seemed to have implied that those with whom we disagree are not Christian, or do not respect the Bible. It seems that there are two views – mine which is always right, and the other which is always wrong; mine which is biblical and the other which is not.
Craig Nessan would have us remember that we are not required to have unanimity on every ethical issue and that there are issues where church members hold irreconcilable views – abortion, alcohol, peace and war – without fracturing the body. He would have us note that the Bible also belongs to those with whom we disagree.

Like the UCA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is debating issues relating to human sexuality. In Many Members yet One Body, Nessan offers a way forward that avoids glossing over our differences while helping understand those with whom we profoundly disagree.

When it comes to the interpretation of the “regular” texts that are used in the debate, the author reflects that he finds himself agreeing with completely contradictory views. “There is not just one Christian position” he says, but “a whole spectrum of views”.

A bibliography, a glossary, questions for personal reflection and for use in groups as well as a suggested process for use in a congregation makes this short, easily read, 96 page book a useful resource.