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Morning and Evening

Hendrickson Publishers, USA, 1995

Reviewed by Barbara Bailey.

THIS IS an updated special presentation of Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening.

Mr Spurgeon was a preacher and pastor in nineteenth century England.

In this volume he addresses timely concerns of his era: the issue of separation of church and state, the ethics of war, urban poverty, the enhancement of public education, and imperialistic foreign policy in Africa and the Far east to name a few.

In an amazing way these issues still impact the human condition in the twenty-first century so Spurgeon’s words can bring a fresh understanding to the reader.

These are treasured daily devotions designed to be read each morning and evening to encourage believers and to remind them of God’s never failing love.

The language of more than a hundred years ago has been gently updated recognising that language is never static but, as someone else stated, “fluid, alive and changeable”.

The decision to update the language was guided by a desire to preserve the integrity of Mr Spurgeon’s voice.

When a new generation appreciate the depth of spiritual thought in meditations of writers such as Spurgeon (1834-1892) it seemed appropriate that language should facilitate understanding for the modern reader.

These loved and time-honoured daily readings are attractively presented on facing pages and each is based on one Scripture verse from The New International Version.

This version of Morning and Evening has a plush stamped binding suitable for a gift.

There are 735 fine quality pages plus a subject index and Scripture references.

Highly recommended.