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My China Mystery

Even Before Publishing,

2012, RRP $18.95

Reviewed by Lynette Seckold, Kenmore Uniting Church

THE faith of Frank White and his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ is an inspiring example of the life and service of a missionary in China during World War II.

He overcame obstacles of language and culture to spread the gospel to the Chinese.

We follow the story of Frank and his his wife Ella through his diary, which his daughter Marion Andrews discovered after his death.

Along the way she also discovered that her father was a war hero who had been awarded an MBE for his service in Burma.

The unlocking of these secrets inspired Andrews to write this account of her parents' lives, her "China mystery".

Those interested in China and its political history but who (like me) can find historical works a little dry will find these real-life experiences of a missionary and soldier during World War II a personal and moving account of a crucial time when communists under Mao were spreading through the country.

The illustrations and one example of Frank White's actual writing are worthwhile inclusions, and I would have liked to have seen more pages reproduced from his diary.

His hand is legible, and it would have been fascinating to see how it might have reflected his emotions as he described his experiences and responses.

I recommend this book to anyone who one wishes to have some insight into the work of missionaries, their life stories, and their dedication in spreading the gospel of Christ.