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My Schooltime Angel

Paulist Press

2011, RRP $11.95

Reviewed by Linda Hanson,Tewantin Uniting Church.

MY Schooltime Angel is a board book for preschoolers.

The book has lovely rhymes and is beautifully illustrated.

My Schooltime Angel is about a child who prays to God to send an angel to be with him as he goes to preschool.

Each page pictures an angel looking over the children as they go about their day at preschool.

The story is a wonderful way to introduce to young readers to the concept of God being near them all the time.

As the book is American it talks of "school", where we would say "preschool" or "kindy".

And unusually for board books, which are usually designed for the under-twos, My Schooltime Angel is most suitable for children aged three to five who are starting preschool or kindy.

But my two-year-old loves the book, and I read it to him often as a reminder that God is with him always.