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My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book

Lion Hudson, 2012
RRP $7.99

Linda Hanson worships at Tewantin Uniting Church and has three children who all enjoy sticker books.

My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book is a great book with lovely bright pictures on good quality paper. 

The book follows Jesus’ life starting with his birth and the calling of the disciples.

Then the book looks at some of Jesus’ miracles like the calming of the storm.

The middle of the book contains two of Jesus’ parables – The Good Samaritan and The Lost Sheep – and ends with Jesus’ death and resurrection and a prayer. 

At the top of each page the story is written in simple, easy to understand language with colourful pictures. 

Some of the pictures are missing and the children are invited to choose the appropriate sticker from the middle of the book to complete the picture.

At the bottom of each page there are useful notes and questions for the reader to aid comprehension.

Stickers are also used here.

The price is a little high for a basic sticker book, but due to the good quality of the pages, this book will be kept long after the stickers are put in.

When you have finished the stickers you are left with a book that is very re-readable and that children will enjoy to read it for the years to come.

I give it four stars.