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Paul, the little missionary: Volume 2: David and Goliath

2012, RRP $14.95

Reviewed by Barbara Bailey.

THIS DVD is one of a series; a delightful and powerful way to introduce children to Bible stories.

The cartoon genre is captivating with Paul, a friend of the children, appearing among them with a solution when they get into troublesome situations.

When they test the promises he espouses from the Bible, Paul shares with them a parallel Bible story.

There are four segments to this DVD, each taking about six minutes; The consecration of David, Saul and the evil spirits, David and Goliath and David forgiving Saul. Issues of revenge, judgement, forgiveness and violence are addressed.

This volume can be shown to young children as soon as they are introduced to cartoons.

However the second segment on this DVD deals with spirits and may be scary to a very young child. This production would be excellent for home use, religious education in schools and for the children's component in worship.