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Pocket Posh King James Puzzles: People of the Bible

Publishing LLC, Kansas City, 2011
RRP $7.99

Reviewed by Bill Adams.

YOU may have seen some other offerings in this series in your local store, perhaps the newsagent.

Apparently there are many folks in our communities who are hooked on puzzles, mainly Sudoku, Crosswords or Word Search.

This nicely presented little book is all about people of the Bible and you can search among the mixed up letters to see how many heroes you can find, or giants, or royal women.

There are some other puzzles of different kinds if you get tired of these.

My wife recently discovered word search puzzles by accident and loves doing them.

I would never have known about them otherwise.

As she has always been very good on Bible trivia I thought I might try her out on these. I think she will love them.
The author, or the puzzle master, is a man called Elder Timothy E. Parker.

I don’t think that means Elder as in the UCA; perhaps he is a Mormon.

Anyway he has put it together very well.

There are lots of pieces of rivetting stuff here for all those who can’t sleep at night.

They could also be prizes at the Sunday School Speech Day.

I suppose we should be glad that some of the stuff now available at the book stores has to do with biblical material. But I am not sure that ability to find names, or to quote chapter and verse, has anything to do with the kingdom of God, nor with the growth of the human person.

Still and all, it’s better than playing the pokies, so I shall have to recommend it.