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Poor No More: Be Part of a Miracle

Monarch Books
RRP $22.95
Peter Grant, the author, is the International Director of Tearfund.

In his book “Poor No More” he has combined his vast experience in dealing with the World Bank, International NGO’s and Development agencies to issue a very practical call to action for Christians worldwide.

The forward to the book gives a great overview of all that the author tries to achieve.

“This book reads like a letter from Peter Grant. He writes unashamedly to get you involved. It’s a conversation of convictions as each page urgently invites you to sign up to be part of a miracle to eradicate poverty in the name of Christ.

“The world is awash with statistics about global poverty and environmental degradation, so much so that you can feel overwhelmed and paralysed. You know that you should do something but the task feels so enormous that it’s impossible to know where and how to begin. What you need is a friend to guide you. You’ll find him in these pages!”

The book is very readable and combines a good mix of real world examples, easy language and practical steps that we can all take on a daily, weekly or life time basis.

The book is suitable for individuals, youth groups or churches who want to respond to the pressing issue of poverty in the world.

Poor No More provides a sense of empowerment and either an individual or a group who reads this book will find themselves at the end saying “I can do that! I can make a difference!

We can be part of the miracle!”

Reviewed by Rev John Ruhle