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Prayers for a Inclusive Church

Church Publishing, 2009
RRP $29.95

Reviewed by Karyl Davison

Following the liturgical year, this collection of beautiful prayers consists of prayers for each Sunday (collects) and most major festivals in the church’s year, plus some additional material each season.
The seasonal material includes three Eucharist prayers.

An index of scripture readings is also provided at the end of the book, so the reader can look up a prayer associated with a particular Bible passage, usually a Gospel text.

This makes the collection very user friendly.

Although the author comes out of the Church of England tradition, it is an excellent resource for the most part. Some seasonal references will need adapting such as references to winter in advent prayers but the vast majority of the prayers are appropriate for the Australian context, and in ecumenical situations.

I used this collection of prayers within a couple of days of receiving the book.

The prayers are very thought provoking and full language that evokes fresh insights into our humanity and our relationship with God.

They are a delight to engage in.

Prayers for an Inclusive Church would be an excellent resource for anyone leading worship, or wishing to engage deeply and imaginatively in prayer.