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Prayers for Bobby (DVD)

Starring Sigourney Weaver
Rated M

Reviewed by Antonia Bell, a Uniting Church member in Central Queensland and student of Theology through Charles Sturt University.

This is a heartrending, powerful, true story about Bobby Griffith.

Prayers for Bobby is a must see for those trying to comprehend homosexuality, especially in the light of Christianity.

Mary Griffith, Bobby’s mother is a devout Christian mother of four coming to terms with her son’s homosexuality and her path of resolution.

The American family lived in Walnut Creek, California within a staunch religious environment.

When Bobby finally ‘came out’ to his family, Mary turned to the fundamentalist teachings of her church to help her son from what she felt was complete sin.

Her efforts involve devotion to family and church.

Bobby’s own struggle with acceptance leads him to take his own life.

In the wake of this tragedy the familly reflect and Mary searches for answers for her beliefs.

The story is set in the early 1980s and the movie was made in 2008.

Also a bestselling book by Leroy Aarons, this is an inspiring and genuine profile in courage that will open your eyes to a profound personal transformation.

I found this story to be very poignant and significant, particularly for Christians trying to comprehend homosexuality. Try and take 85 minutes of your time to view Prayers for Bobby. It will impact you considerably. It is for hire in video stores as a weekly.