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Introduced by David Adam

Darton, Longman & Todd, 2011

RRP $19.95

Reviewed by Karyl Davison.

This little book, part of a new series DLT Books of the Bible, provides the complete book of Psalms, with an original introduction by David Adam in which he reflects on the largest book in the Bible and its importance to the people of Israel as well as Jews and most of the Christian church to this day.

Presented as it is in a small, single volume Psalms invites the reader to engage with the poetry collected and set to music by a community of faith over centuries as they witnessed to their experiences of God.

In addition to Kendall’s introduction a reading plan is included for reading the i over 30 days, as well as an index of the Psalms by topic area.

Kendall’s introduction highlights the special place the Psalms are given in the lives of many Christians, speaking as they do of the very substance of human life and experience – the joys and sorrows, success and failure.

This book provides an opportunity to reengage with the Psalms in a new and fresh way.