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Punished not Protected

Punished not Protected
Directed by Judy Rymer
DVD in four parts, total 58 Mins
Ronin Films
RRP: $49.50 for private home use

Refugee rights advocate Julian Burnside QC sums up the content of this educational documentary, Punished not Protected: “Once you know what we are doing – you have a simple choice. You can collaborate or you can oppose and there isn’t any middle ground. If you know what’s going on and you keep quiet, you are a collaborator.”

Predominantly featuring the voices of leading concerned citizens with complimentary images, the impressive line up of interviewees from Malcolm Fraser to Tim Costello pull no punches in their criticisms of government policy and the lack of viable opposition, and articulate their criticisms with passion and vigour.

Punished not Protected challenges the standard rhetoric of “queue jumping”, cheats, and threats of an impending flood of refugees in a blunt and direct manner.

Expect no subtlety here: this is designed to confront and challenge. If you have been sympathetic to government policy and the “Hansonite” attitudes to refugees you won’t enjoy this DVD offering.

A study guide for schools is available from the producers which features information about age levels, subject strands and key learning areas. This can be downloaded from http://www.roninfilms.com.au/video/1886697/0/2391222462.html. No doubt someone will produce a small group study guide for adult and church groups.

Punished not Protected is firmly based on Edmund Burke’s famous quotation, “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men (sic) to do nothing.”