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Purple Spot Sickness

WaterBrook Press
RRP: $18.95

Written and illustrated by the De Villiers family, Purple Spot Sickness is another book in the “Sprout” series designed to help children grow with God.

It is a delightful story which teaches children aged 4 to 7 the value of treating others as they themselves want to be treated. (Matthew 7:12)

The illustrations give the characters an alien fascination with their larger than life heads and amusing eyes.

Strong colours and clever graphics enhance the story.

The story of Sprout, Twig and Petal is so believable you could shut your eyes and imagine it being played out at any school.
Wondering why Petal is so late in meeting them on their walk to school, Sprout and Twig eventually see her so they join her and soon move into their class.

Petal however is quite unwell and suddenly her skin begins to erupt with purple spots which her teacher Mr Nectar calls Purple Spot Sickness.

Classmates ridicule Petal with unhelpful name calling till Mr Nectar chastises them for inappropriate behaviour. Sprout and Twig however take her home and help care for her.

Meanwhile the rest of the class succumbs to the illness and begin to understand the pain associated with it. Finally as they regained their health, Sprout and Twig also become ill. Now however, their mates are kind and understanding.

This is a gentle, poignant but powerful story for any young child to embrace. For worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, parents and religious educators in schools, Purple Spot Sickness is a gem.

Reviewed by Barb Bailey, a retired minister living in Caloundra